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Data Analytics Suite

Data Analytics Suite

Client has a large implementation of SAS applications that support business critical analytics. Due to the increasing costs and declining expertise with SAS tools, there was a desire to deploy a new set of technologies to support similar capabilities and begin to reduce the dependency on SAS products. The objective for the engagement was to help select and deploy a set of tools supporting analytics, visualization and reporting.

Enable Data assembled a team of engineers that had deep experience with big data platforms (i.e. Hadoop) and data science tools. Our team worked with the client to understand functional and non-functional requirements, provided recommendations around tools based on use cases, coordinated across infrastructure teams to provision system capacity, and worked with vendors to install and configure selected tools. Tools included Apache Drill, R Studio, Python, H20, Anaconda, Apache Zepplin, Jupyter, Hive, Spark, and Map Reduce.

Our engineers successfully deployed the infrastructure and core data science tools for the initial phase of the engagement. Because of the quality of the work performed, client has extended the team to continue working on additional phases of the program.

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