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Do you need to grow your business? Do you need a Big Data Expert? Do you have problems leveraging modern solutions?
We can help!
Services We Offer

We offer many great services to help you with your business. Have a look at some of our services below.



Provide expert level resources who work with customers on a specific business need or use case. The can include translating requirements into an architecture, designing a platform or application, or implementing new tools or processes to improve technical delivery.

Managed Project

Managed Project

Assign a team of resources to deliver a defined capability or service to a customer. This could include building a cloud platform, deploying a continuous integration (CI) framework or developing a data application. Projects are highly collaborative and leverage an Agile process as part of the delivery model.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Provide one or more resources to work as part of a customer team based on defined skill and experience needs. Resources work at the direction of the customer and work can be delivered either on-site or remote depending on customer preference.

Our leadership team has been working with big data technologies since 2011 to provide modern solutions to evolving business needs.

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Itiliti Health And AWS
Itiliti Health and AWS

Itiliti Health is an innovative health technology company focused on improving communication and data exchange between provider and payer organizations managing prior authorizations. The company was founded in 2019 and engaged with Enable Data to design and develop is product…

GreenwichHR And AWS
GreenwichHR and AWS

Greenwich.HR is focused on delivering labor market intelligence solution(s) that bring new insights to customers. They track the daily hiring and pay behaviors of over 3 million organizations and offer high-definition insights to customers through the largest, fastest-growing, and most…

Healthpoint Solutions And AWS
Healthpoint Solutions and AWS

HealthPointe Solutions was formed to take advantage of a significant opportunity in the digital health and wellness marketplace, by introducing true Cognitive AI based products and services. They offer solutions that serve as the brain for healthcare and include: Real-time…

Databricks And Hive
Databricks and Hive

Enable Data a leading analytics and engineering consultancy, recently completed a successful Databricks proof-of-concept (POC) for a billion-dollar market research firm based in Chicago, Illinois. The objective was to demonstrate: Migration of complex Hive workloads from internal Hadoop systems to…

Databricks For Healthcare Analytics
Databricks for Healthcare Analytics

Enable Data a leader in data engineering and analytics, partnered with Databricks to win a Contact to Commit deal with an emerging healthcare analytics company. The customer is leveraging machine learning, intelligent rule engines, and graph stores to understand the…

Databricks & Snowflake Integration
Databricks & Snowflake Integration

Enable Data was recently engaged by a leading Consumer Services company to provide architecture and engineering consulting to integrate Azure Databricks and Snowflake as part of their data warehouse modernization effort. Our experts are working to optimize data pipelines to…

A Decade Into Big Data
A Decade into Big Data

2016 marked the 10-year anniversary of Hadoop, a name closely associated with “Big Data.” Prior to the advent of Big Data, companies invested in solutions that were not forward-looking; they could only address the immediate needs of businesses. These traditional…

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, And AI: What’s The Difference?
Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI: What’s the Difference?

You hear a lot of different terms bandied about these days when it comes to new data processing techniques. One person says they’re using machine learning, while another calls it artificial intelligence. Still others may claim to be doing deep…

Data Ingest Framework
Data Ingest Framework

Our client operates a large Hadoop cluster supporting a range of use cases across its business units supporting analytic applications, operational reporting and advanced data science initiatives. In order for business users to take full advantage of the platform, they…

Lifting Big Data To The Sky: Hadoop-as-a-Service Is Gaining Rapid Traction
Lifting big data to the sky: Hadoop-as-a-Service is gaining rapid traction

The cloud is becoming the location of choice for organizations expediting their digital activities. Here's what to consider when evaluating a HaaS provider. Hadoop is an open source-based software framework that enables high throughput processing of big data quantities across distributed…

How The Agriculture Industry Is Being Disrupted By Big Data
How the agriculture industry is being disrupted by Big Data

Big data analytics has made such a widespread impact in the agriculture industry that it’s hard to pinpoint all of its effects, and harder still to predict what changes it might bring. These four ways are just a taste of…

Building Your Analytic Strategy
Building your analytic strategy

If data is the new oil, then analytics is how we refine it. Analytics enable the extraction of high-quality, timely and actionable insights to help leaders make better-informed decisions. Most analytics functions nowadays are centralized divisions of decision science experts.…

Enable Data Launches New Data Science Program
Enable Data launches new data science program

Enable data, an advanced data engineering and analytics company, has announced a new program to help clients modernize their data analytics and science platforms. Our consultants work with clients to understand business and technical requirements, develop an analytics framework, and…

Data Analytics Suite
Data Analytics Suite

Client has a large implementation of SAS applications that support business critical analytics. Due to the increasing costs and declining expertise with SAS tools, there was a desire to deploy a new set of technologies to support similar capabilities and…

Distributed Rules Engine
Distributed Rules Engine

Client was looking to implement a rules engine to process custom health quality rules on distributed computing platform. These rules are used by health plans and providers to identify possible chronic conditions or gaps in care which might affect a…

Analytics Cloud Platform
Analytics Cloud Platform

An innovative leader in health care quality has developed a market leading platform to help consumers and providers proactively address health risks. Due to expected growth in services the client needed to find a new approach for scaling their solution…

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