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Healthpoint Solutions and AWS

Healthpoint Solutions And AWS

HealthPointe Solutions was formed to take advantage of a significant opportunity in the digital health and wellness marketplace, by introducing true Cognitive AI based products and services. They offer solutions that serve as the brain for healthcare and include:

  • Real-time clinical information exchange
  • Actionable insight from dynamic dashboards
  • Understand and use of unstructured data
  • Nationwide networks for evidence-based care
  • Whole-person health support for consumers
  • Seamless scheduling and decision support
  • Provide quality care with a lower administrative burden
  • Proactively identify and address consumer care gaps

Healthpointe Solutions establish a cloud-first technology strategy that served as the basis for product design and operations. Enable Data partnered with Healthpointe Solutions to establish infrastructure standards and tooling to provision and maintain a highly available and scalable application infrastructure using Amazon Web Services.

Once these standards and methods were defined, our DevOps engineering team worked with the customer to deploy various automation tools including Terraform, Jenkins and Ansible. We then worked to develop Infrastructure as Code (IaC) that supported the ability to quickly provision/deprovision all infrastructure and application services.

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