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Databricks and Hive

Databricks And Hive

Enable Data a leading analytics and engineering consultancy, recently completed a successful Databricks proof-of-concept (POC) for a billion-dollar market research firm based in Chicago, Illinois. The objective was to demonstrate:

  • Migration of complex Hive workloads from internal Hadoop systems to Databricks.
  • Process customer data sets in a shorter time frame.
  • Lower infrastructure hosting costs.

Our consultants worked with the customer to re-factor and optimize select job functions which were then deployed to a three (3) node Azure Databricks cluster. Our benchmarks resulted in decreased run-times from 5 ½ hours to about 20 minutes for the tested code. The estimate costs savings and job performance improvements represent a substantial benefit to the business unit and is being used to support a recommendation to migrate the entire product to Databricks.

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